Coelacanth [see,lu-canth]


With Coelacanth we present our biggest and most ambitious project ever - an epic 5,5 hour theatrica...




With Coelacanth we present our biggest and most ambitious project ever - an epic 5,5 hour theatrical event!

As ancient as time itself, is our desire to tell stories. In Coelacanth we follow two playwrigts in desperate pursuit of a good story. In Williamsburg, New York they come across Frank, a struggling alcoholic who drinks himself to death, leaving behind an incomplete manuscript in the hands of his young daughter...

We follow the development of the script and the rehearsals of the play in parallel with surprising, emotional display of human destinies in a story that travels from Boston to LA, Tokyo in the 90’s to contemporary Bergen and New York.

The show offers a unique, but also wild and humorous insight into the life behind the scenes of the theater. Conficts arise as the script nears completion and the rehearsals commence…

Presented over 6 hours, with 12 musicians on stage and a strong international cast, Coelacanth will see you absorbed in moving performances, exquisite dance, beautiful music and a visually stunning set design.

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In the press:

 "Fantastic!"   "I didn't want it to end"    "Touching and extremely funny!"


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